On Saturday 20th April  Skinningrove History Group gave

a presentation at the mining museum.  Its’ subject

 ” History of Skinningrove”.

The talk included extracts and readings from a variety of books on North East England, and several early ordnance maps.

There were also readings from various  fictional works that were based on this area.

Stan Binks,  a local artist exhibited several  paintings depicting life in Skinningrove  in the 1960- 70.

One of our oldest  inhabitants,  Pem Holiday,  wrote some wonderful poems, and his daughter Dawn read one of the most evocative to the assembled audience


Our valley stretches near the sea then stretches far inland

It is our home our heritage something we understand,

From here we helped to build the world and really proud we feel,

Famous for our mermaid and famous for our steel,

We played our part in days gone by, with Romans, maybe most,

With their camps and settlements, and lookout on our coast,

John Paul Jones paid his respects, with cannon from the sea

But we survived from his broadside, and now it’s history,

We dug for iron, dug for jet, a harbour once had we

And through this work this toil and strain, our village always free,

A village, that is all it is, we cannot say a town

But we have lived so happy here, so why come pull us down,

They gave us reasons by the score, they say no natural light

Just take a short trip, look around, then come back and fight,

Our valley is wide open, fame and fortune all have we

Surrounded by the countryside yet living by the sea,

A wealth in itself our Skinningrove, the place where we all dwell,

A greatness we could never buy, nor ever want to sell.


The afternoon ended with everyone joining in to sing a VIN GARBETT song


The History Group were delighted with the attendance, and the response they received.

Everyone agreed it was a very entertaining afternoon.

pem ho;iday 1

 If you would like to buy  copies of Pem’s new book  email DAWN  at

or contact the  history group at  skinhist

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