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The massive (and expensive) TVCM server has come down. The page you are looking at is ho

sted by a local company, the excellent UK Web Solutions If you are looking for web space please click on the link and help support TVCM.

One by one the Tees Valley communities are moving to individual inexpensive UKWS hosting accounts. Some may choose a free web 2.00 option. This will create a sustainable and robust community network.

First up is Tom Kelly. Ok so Tom’s not a community group but he is a poet and playwright and works with oodles of community groups.

LATEST – Loftus Town CrierMarske Digital Village.

01/05/08 New – Margrove Park Digital Village have taken flight

02/05/08 Jack Drum Arts have taken flight. They represent a host of community projects in County Durham.
03/05/08 First JDA project to take flight 2000 Feet

09/05/08 And another Masterbuilders
09/05/08 And another Strange Dreams

12/05/08 yet another Light Fantastic

18/05/08 Last But Not Least Our Journeys

05/05/08 Easton Residents Association have taken flight.

06/05/08 Maureen Almond (poet) has

taken flight.

07/05/08 – and another one East Middlesbrough Digital Village (TS3) (includes the fabulous V91 Dreams Hopes and Wishes Exhibition and Multi Cultural East Middlesbrough)

A trio of sites take flight all at once!

Voyage of Discovery
Skinningrove Digital Village
Word of the Street

09/05/08 Friends Of Redcar Cemetery are laid to rest in their new web home.

10/05/08 Saltburn Digital Village is now live! – incorporating Destinations, Doorways, Nick 365 (podcasting), Sound Mind (podcasting) and East Cleveland Community Development Groups.

18/05/08 Straad Players are live.
18/05/08 Middlesbrough Mela has flown.
SEE BELOW -Soon to follow (please return and watch the links go live)
Click here if you want to know when each one takes flight.

Marske Digital Village.
Hemlington Family History Club.
Brotton Digital Village.
Moorsholm Digital Village.
Tees Valley Newspaper Archive
Loftus Town Crier.

Plus whoever I forgot.

Other archived projects will appear over on the right hand menu as they are ported.

As the big ol server gets shut down I’m reminded of an image and a story I blogged back in 2004. Here it is again for your entertainment.

Warrior Women and a Server Technician
(December 01, 2004)

I don’t know if the humour of this situation will come across in print. I was working in Hartlepool with a group today called the Warrior Women . This ICT centre had the feeling of the Marie Celeste and when we tried to log on we were getting nowhere with usernames and passwords. We were almost on the point of giving up when this woman walked in and said she had sorted out the server. I said “excuse cheap viagra me, I don’t want to sound rude but you don’t look like the kind of person who resolves server issues” She said “well, I’m a kitchen helper but I know how to sort out the server” I asked her to show me and we went into another deserted room which was quite surreal as it had a two way mirror into the computer room. She then demonstrated to me her server technique (see below) It worked but I’m sure you’re not supposed to throw the mains switch off and back on again!