Community Reporters

Whitecliffe-PrimaryToday we are trying out something new and innovative. The idea is that students at Whitecliffe Primary will become “community reporters” for Loftus Town Crier covering the Skinningrove and Carlin How areas. Next week we will also pilot the idea with Lockwood primary who will cover Boosbeck, Margrove Park, and Charltons. Depending on the outcome we will then roll the concept out to all the East Cleveland Primaries creating a Community Reporters network feeding into Loftus Town Crier both online and in print.

The “cub reporters” will work in a “virtual news room” to which the public can submit news stories which the team will develop and publish. (people can also submit stories by more traditional means). The stories will initially be published to the Whitecliffe Community Reporters News Site and will then be automatically triggered into the queue  for publishing at Loftus Town Crier ( see also Lockwood Community Reporters)


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