Praise for Diversity Dave

Below are the comments received on YouTube for Redcar & Cleveland Mind’s animation Diversity Dave. You can see the animation here.

johngrong6859 (

2 days ago)
this is mint

Deano12387 (2 days ago)
i think this is the best annmation in the world, it also has an upbeat message behind the colourful animation, how wonderful. I just wish my ginger son had seen it before he committed suicide. We shpuld all spread the message. ITS COOL TO BE DIFFERENT,even ginger

johngrong6859 (2 days ago)
you are soo right, we are lucky to have characters who can relate to

the younger generation. we could all learn a lesson from diversity dave. this video should be shown to all gingers, disabled people and other different people

Deano12387 (2 days ago)
my son was often called a square at school i wonder if he could have learned from diversity dave, just like the yellow square in the film did.