Sneak Preview

Here are two previews of the exhibition taking place on September 11th and 13th as part of the Heritage Open Day at Loftus  Town Hall. . Although we can’t do the 8  screens and speaker of the Octorama justice here, these two clips may give you a flavour of the event

NB – the audio and video content are separate  entities. They are independent of each other although occasionaly they  seem to synch. This is unintentional.

This clips now feature  pictures from the East Cleveland Image Archive and John Lawson, readings from the  Skinningrove and Carlin How Schools log books by children from  Whitcliffe Primary School and recordings by Skinningrove History Group  all put together in a soundscape by Steve Thompson. There are also  videos from Skinnimation, TVCM and the Straad Players.