Skinningrove hits the News

I was contacted by a guy interested in the movie “Skinningrove – Welcome to The Future.

He asked where the movie was shot so I sent him a link. I met Taran Rampersad “in world” and told him about the Skinningrove project and also showed

him my web gallery with links to various projects. Then we went to the location of the Skinningrove shoot.

Call me a saddo but it was quite exciting to be interviewed on set like some kind of movie mogul. Then Taran said he was going to get a few shots and promptly turned into a penguin. I asked him why and he said that being a small penguin avatar meant it did not get in the way of the screen shots. What a great idea, I’ll use that technique for shooting Machinima. Now I know what to do with

that Duck outfit I was conned into buying.

You can see the pictures that this penguin shot by going to and searching on Institute of Digital Innovation or follow this link:

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