The Vikings Are Coming

As part of our (postponed) Animex event in Saltburn, artist collective Hirvitalo from Finand are offering a workshops  for schools and community groups as set out below. Our Finish visitors will arrive in time to deliver these on Feb 28th March 1st and we hope to film them and show highlights in Saltburn on March 3rd at Saltburn Community Theatre.

Workshops so far are

28th Feb 1.15pm Whitecliffe Primary, Carlin How  4.30pm  St Cuthberts Centre Crook (Juniors) 7.00pm St Cuthberts Centre Crook (Seniors)

1st March 7.00pm Destinations, Saltburn (Upstairs) 7.00pm

JUNIORS – Pirates and Vikings (15-30 min)
We will explore commons and common rights through the dialogue of several characters. Children will be given the chance to share their opinions and thoughts around this subject. Examples from history, present and the future will be explored through interactive theatre.

SENIORS – The Post Industrial World – Dystopia to Utopia (30-45min)

Emptied factories and no jobs. Finland and England have this in common. Paper, steel, coal and other mass industries are history and are being replaced with??? A workshop will give participants an empty factory building and we will try and build a future with it. A new paradigm – a commons industry is the aim and an animation will be made of the process.

NOTE ‘The commons are resources that are collectively owned or shared between or among people and can include everything from natural resources and land to software.’

About the artists

Finnish artist collective Hirvitalo initiated last year a project Second Forest which explores the cultural change of globalizing boreal forest in the age of social media by various artistic means including discussions and workshops in both virtual and real world environments.

This year the Second Forest project is focusing on the concept of Everyman’s Rights, a Scandinavian version of Common Rights which has profoundly shaped the relationship between Nordic people and the forest. This concept is currently in a crisis, which is caused by the globalizing industry based on forest products. Also the whole concept of Commons is changing due the growing distrust to privatizing of natural resources and development of the Peer-to-Peer culture in the online world.

Second Forest project team, Markus Petz, Ismo Torvinen and Mikko Lipiäinen are now organizing workshops and discussions in which the past, present and the future of the Everyman’s Rights and the Commons is explored so that we gain a better understanding of the global importance of these concepts.

For more info or to host a workshop contact:

Steve Thompson,
Community Media Manager, Institute of Digital Innovation, Teesside University

M –  07795 826953
E –