Visiting Reality

Yesterday on a cold and misty day the Mayor of Redcar & Cleveland Cllr Mike Findley and his wife the Mayoress Judith visited Skinningrove Jetty. He was really up for it and insisted on going right to the end. We were all a little nervous as losing a Mayor was not part of our plan. This was his first ever visit to the real Jetty as his last trip was in a computer lab when he strolled down the virtual jetty in second life. Afterwards we made plans over bacon sarnies for our project presentation next week before the full Council. The Mayor and Mayoress took a look at the huge mosaic being built. The mosaic was designed by artist Derek Mosey who also made the Mayors second life avatar (someone quipped that the Mayor had finally met his maker). The mosaic (click here ) depicts Skinningrove village but the Jetty that appears in it is the one of the future. This, we feel is a good omen as it also depicts the otters that live in the beck/river – back in 2001 this was simply a rural myth ( click here ) but now it’s a reality.


(pictures Paul Davies)