Waterfall – flood damage photo’s

The Waterfall after flash flood 6th September 2013

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Stone washed from the waterfall

flood dammage 6 09 2013 132

Stones in the beck

flood dammage 6 09 2013 108

Stones washed down the beck away from the waterfall

flood dammage 6 09 2013 097

Exposed wall left standing

flood dammage 6 09 2013 113

Trees Uprooted

flood dammage 6 09 2013 107

Photo’s above by Sandra  Welford

The torrential rain on Friday the 6th September 2013 caused serious flooding sweeping tons of sandstone away from our lovely old waterfall featured on our home page.

The path leading to the waterfall has also been damaged by the surge of water leaving various pipes uncovered as shown here in some of the photos; trees have been uprooted and tossed around like match sticks it is a sorry sight to see.

The Mill which like the waterfall has stood for generations  has once more felt the fury of the storm far worse than the last time in 2000, this time the water swept the owner’s vehicle away with the family’s pet dog inside but luckily fast actions from a passer-by rescued the dog.

The old bridge leading to the Mill has also suffered serious damage all the sandstone parapet has been washed away into the beck below

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