Your views needed

Loftus ACCORD, was formed to bring together local community groups and statutory agencies, in order to promote the regeneration of the Loftus area as outlined in the Community Plan which was published in 2012.
A sub group of ACCORD is the Saxon Princess Heritage Group, who aim to promote Loftus using the heritage of the area in of tourism and leisure, we realise that this is a long term task with a significant changes needed to dilapidated and underused buildings. However we feel that more manageable projects could be undertaken and one of the ideas is to re-brand Loftus, from being somewhere which you pass through, by replacing existing road signage with new ones which incorporate a simplified but recognisable image of one of the Saxon jewels and the wording of “LOFTUS, Home of the Saxon Princess”
Our local county councilors and Loftus Town Council approve of this but we need to know what the public think so please contact Alison at the Town Council, tel. 01287 641000, or e-mail:

Coming events in Loftus Town Hall,
Oct. 14th, Annual Citizen and In Bloom presentation @ 7pm.
Oct 17th-20 Local art and craft exhibition,
Nov 13th Talk on the Romans at Street House by Dr. Steve Sherlock @7pm.
Nov 15th Dalesman Singers. @ 7.30 pm.
Dec 18th Songs for Christmas led by Billingham Choral Society @ 7.30pm

Then on Thursday December 12th we are planning a new venture of a Christmas Market in Loftus Market Place and community venues, which should be great if people get out and support it

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