Have you heard about the tour de France? Not for Whitecliffe primary; they had tour de dance. Booma a street dance wizard went to whitecliffe primary to teach them an amazing, fun and brilliant dance called the tour de dance. Booma came on10-06-14, he did the tour de dance because soon it will be the tour de France. The tour de France soon will be coming to GB.

The children at whitecliffe primary went into the hall with Booma and they did a dance with him. But first they did a warm up to wake up there bodies.

Booma then split us all into groups of 5. He then gave each group a hoop to make a dance with. One group past the hoop and took it in turns to make tricks. Another group did it like a car. The last group did it like a worm making a wiggly tunnel going through the thick mud.

One pupil said” I hope Booma comes again next week.” Another pupil said” Booma taught us a really good session today.”

The pupils now have had good fun it’s time for them to have a good rest and have a drink.

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