In Memory of F C Pavlosky


In  Memory  of


Date of birth 1880 Dorset  

Branch of Service Royal  Navy

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Pavlosky, A.B Fredrick Charles, 194223

Killed in action at Battle of Coronel 1st November 1914 age 34

Son of Robert and Harriet, of Ferry House, Kinsale, Co Cork

Husband of Jane Elizabeth Pavlosky

1 Marine Skinningrove, Yorkshire


    August 2nd 1914 The ship “Good Hope” left Portsmouth under Captain Philip Franklin

    October 22nd 1914  Stanley Falkland Islands, left Port for the west coast of South

    America via Cape Horn

    November  1st 1914  off the Chilean  Coast H.M.S “Good Hope” was sunk along with

    H.M.S Monmouth by the German Armoured Cruisers  Scharnhorst and  Genisenav under

    Admiral  Graf  Maximillian  Von Spee  with the loss of her entire complement of 900

    hands in the Battle of Coronel


    Fredrick Charles Pavlosky married Jane Elizabeth Bell in Portsmouth 1907. Her parents

    were William George and Mary Jane Bell of Skinningrove.


  He is remembered with Honour on the Portsmouth Naval  Memorial as well

  Skinningrove War Memorial  


  No  body recovered for burial             

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