Introducing Tees Valley Community Radio & TV

Tees Valley Community Radio and TV can be found at Allt

hough in it’s infancy there has been a great deal of interest over the past few weeks. What you see as you arrive at the website are a number of “Channels” down the left hand side representing a number of groups, projects and individuals. More channels will be added in the coming weeks. The three main Tees Valley webcast events are represented here too. You can go to an individual channel and look/listen or subscribe to it’s podcast feed. OR in the centre of the page is an amalamation of ALL

the channels. If you subscribe to this feed you will get ALL the channels as new content is produced

A parallel project was started in Adult Learners’ Week – May 2007 to explore Media Literacy. The excercise was based on three ‘Internet radio’ workshops run in collaboration with Hope Foundation in Middlesbrough, residents of the village of Margrove Park and Destinations UK online centre in Saltburn.

The whole project was a collaboration between NIACE and University of Teesside Department of Academic Enterprise (Community Media).

More details of that project can be found here where you can hear participants interviewing and being interviewed about the skills they had learned. A full report will be published at the end of June.