Saxon Princess coming to Mining Museum

Saxon Princess JewelThe Cleveland Ironstone Museum is pleased to announce the arrival of the Saxon Princess Exhibition at the museum from 4th August until 29th August 2014. The discovery of the burial at Street Houses near Loftus on Land owned by Alan Bothroyd six years ago provided East Cleveland with a fascinating insight into Anglo Saxon life and burial practices. Spectacular finds were discovered of gold and silver Brooches which were worthy of a high status even Royal individual.

Saxon Princess JewelsThe exhibition is normally on show at Kirkleatham Museum and the Cleveland Ironstone Museum is pleased to be able to have such an important archaeological discovery to display in our museum. The Loftus Mine, in which the museum is situated extends to the coast and as such we underlie the area where this important discovery was made, thus providing a strong link to these very important artefacts.

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