New Website for CIMM

This group is  associated with Lofus Library and connected via the Community History Network.


This group has had a website set up by the former chair who is now retired (see right). For a long time they have been unable to edit this website and approached me to do something about this. We have set up some webspace currently shared with two other community groups. This space will eventually replace and becomeEast Cleveland Online and will eventually be the web home of up to 20 community projects. By sharing the cost of hosting in this way they will be more sustainable.

I set up a CMS system using WordPress and a volunteer at the Museum spent some time adding content. When the site was ready to go live we needed to transfer the domain name and change the DNS settings. This always filled with problems. Eventually I visited the home of the retired chair and made the changes. These changes did not at first “take” requiring him to make a call to the Philippines where his ISP has their call centre eventually the domain name propagated and the new website can be seen here – next will come training sessions with the staff and volunteers and we’ll be looking to make the site more vibrant and possibly include some social media marketing.