Steve Sherlock Story #3

Here’s the third posting from Steve Sherlock. This is copyright material so please treat accordingly. These pictures will be available in a book from Kirkleatham Museum quiet soon.


Grave 43

Grave 43 was situated next to the bed burial (grave 42) and also contained a spectacular group of objects that are unique to the site. It is thought that the gold, silver and glass jewellery in this grave was worn on a fine thread, possibly cotton, although nothing of this material survived. The jewellery was hung in a pattern that was repeated on each side of a centrepiece of a triangular-shaped gold pendant set with an interesting glass bead. On each side of the pendant was a biconical gold wire bead, followed by a silver sphere or bulla, followed by a silver bead with a pattern of decoration copying the gold wire and then a glass bead at each end. The grave also contained a further gold wire bead and a silver annular brooch. This brooch may have fastened part of the headdress, sometimes called a coif.